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Android App: Ringtone by ringtone

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Android, App
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Ringtone…I don’t need no stinkin’ ringtone.  But I want oneeeeee.

So this came up in the list of popular downloads when I was (quickly) browsing the market the other day.  I thought sure! I hate my ringtone as it’s just a default one and I like things a bit more personalized.  I downloaded and installed it…that went well but most things seem to just work well on the phone (ya ya, I’m sounding like a fandroid I know).  I decided to try it out this morning and did my search.  Well, I had to do it a few times.  First I hit the standard Android Menu button which brought up 4 options: Search, Clear Cache, unset ringtone (really, everything else is 1st letter capitalized but this option??? Inconsistency irritates me) and Upload.  So I searched for Jimmy Buffett and seemingly started to get a list but then, didn’t actually GET a list of songs that were all by Jimmy.  It was just a list, wait, the default list.  Tried it again.  And again.  So then I see at the TOP of the screen is Find.  Ummmmmmmmmmmm OK.  That worked BUT what the hell is Search for then?

Anyway, I searched for Jimmy Buffett songs and after previewing a few I quickly realized that none of the songs (I tried at least) had the ringtone as the chorus or recognizable part of the song.  When my phone rings I want it to belt out “If the phone doesn’t ring you know that its me…” or “Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville”.  You get the point.  A ringtone is relatively short and should be a quick recognizable portion of a song, or at least a LOUD portion, not the soft sounds or talking at the beginning, or some middle part.  I certainly, in good practice, do not sit there and make the person who is calling me wait until I get to the good part of the song, sing it, and then will I answer.  Ha ha! Wait, so would that deter people from calling me?  If it took 2:24 seconds for me to answer the phone would you give up and txt, IM or DM me instead?  Wait, this is BRILLIANT!  Wait, and wrong…anyway…

After about 10 songs I decided any more effort is too much effort.  I am one of *those* users who is lazy.  If an app *might* do what I want it to do great, but if it’s not there staring at me then I quickly move on.  I don’t put forth the effort in figuring you out b/c quite honestly I have to code and figure out my own apps so if mine have to work great and be intuitively obvious then that’s what I want.  If the snippets were in the good part of the song that would be great.  As it stands I’ll probably head back over to that site that escapes me at the moment but is linked to off of Jonathan Coulton’s website and I know works well, but now I have to find where I put that file I need to upload to create the ringtone I want as I know it’s not there.  Maybe later.