What Am I Exchanging, Microsoft Email?

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

So we went to Office 365 and at work. Fine. I hate the changes in the 2010 apps. The Excel interface is ridiculous and causes me to click about 800 million more times than before. My tennis and golpher’s elbow love that because clicking the mouse that often doesn’t cause me any more pain or anything like that </sarcasm>

But its the phone part that kindof bugs me. First off, hooking my phone up to the email server so I can get work emails anytime and anywhere seemed straightforward. Put in username, put in server. check. But then I get an error saying it needs to change security settings. I blindly say OK because I just want it to work. First thing I notice…..it doesn’t work still. It never changed what it needed to and still doesn’t work. Well, because I was at a conference I was able to try it about 1000 more times. Still nothing. Great. This sucks. But maybe not getting work emails is a blessing. For fun I try to access webmail through the browser which also fails miserably. Damn or Score! Depends on your perspective.

This morning my phone is slowwwwwww. (not entirely an uncommon occurrence) So I reboot it. Oooo looky! 2 email envelopes in the notification bar! Well one is my normal personal account but the other is work! Woohoo! Oh wait……it says something about security settings needing to be changed for my work account.  Hmmmmm. OK, so I select it to set settings. Oh wait. WAIT just a darn minute Microsoft. You want my settings to be set to WHAT to be able to get email to my phone? Really??????? Here, I’ll just post a picture.

So…..let me get this straight. With Gmail, Zimbra, and every other mail I’ve ever used, the mail app in Android was enough. You can just push email to the phone!

But……with Microsoft’s new brainstorm, all of the sudden Mail needs to be able to have the ability to:

Erase all data: Erase the phone’s data without warning, by performing a factory data reset

Set password rules: Control the length and the characters allowed in screen-unlock passwords

Monitor screen-unlock attempts: Monitor the number of incorrect passwords entered when unlocking the screen, and lock the phone or erase all the phone’s data if too many incorrect passwords are entered

Lock the screen: Control how and when the screen locks


WTF? Really? Seriously? You want that much control over my phone…my life….for flipping email? EMAIL. It is EMAIL. It does NOT need to have Device Administrator privileges. Exactly how does the Mail app having the ability to Factory Data Reset my phone allow me to get TEXT EMAIL to an app that already exists and works freaking well with Exchange already!

Sure. More than likely nothing bad and scary is going to happen. It is certainly not in anyone’s best interest if mail just goes around resetting people’s phones, screwing with their passwords or not allowing screens to lock. But it could happen. Coders get tired, sleepy, some are new and quite frankly not very good at it. Mistakes happen and wonky code gets into a baseline. And crap happens. That’s why there are permissions! To protect us as much as possible from really wonky code. BUT why o why does this only pop up when we need to connect to Microsoft email. Is Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated in charge because it just feels so evil!

Bite me Microsoft, just bite me. I’m seriously thinking if people need me that bad we can engage the “Can you hear me now” philosophy and make a call.



  1. dc120 says:


    Find out what can be done to workaround/bypass this issue?

  2. John says:

    Man, I accepted the conditions to check my work’s email and tasks as I move a lot, and voila, miutes later my phone went to factory settings couple of hours later. Great, everything, all my data was deleted. Including all the files I had in the memory card. If I could, I would just sue Microsoft, alas I don’t have the time. Amazing


  3. John says:

    It was not minutes later, sorry, it was 2 hours later or so. I am soooo mad

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