As Darkness Ends – A new light for me! #AsDarknessEnds

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Book, Science Fiction

 From author Aaron Crocco’s website:

When a devastating earthquake strikes Manhattan, Travis Hunter finds himself among the other survivors trying to make sense of a city in ruins. In the aftermath, word spreads among the displaced: New York City was only a small part of a global disaster. For the first time in human history an earthquake shook the entire world.

While trying to get back home, Travis is confronted by a being from another realm and tasked with a divine mission: help bring on the apocalypse or be killed. Faced with this directive from a messenger of God, Travis must assume a role dating back to the beginning of time and is forced to begin a journey that will destroy all of humanity.





I was lucky enough to get be able to sit down on the beach (I stay from morning til evening) and read this book cover to cover…err…. start to finish as I read it on my Kindle.  It was a quick and easy read but left me wanting more. I’m hungry to find out what happens next. I have so many questions I want answered and to think there are so many books left in the series to wait for! I’m on the edge of my seat waiting.

The book begins in my favorite way….it just jumps right into the action. In my opinion this is the best way as I have a short attention span for all the introductions that happen so often. I like a book to grab me early on or I’m likely to set it down and not pick it back up again. As Darkness Ends did just that. I was instantly drawn into the tragedy and what was happening with Travis and the global disaster that was occurring.

Travis is then given the choice to bring about judgement on the world or have no one judged at all at the end times. He chooses to do God’s will as a runner and spread the Encautum to every corner of the Earth and begin the process of ending time for all. The book chronicles his journey and his realization of the power he possesses and its effect on others as they are instantly judged (and the effects that has), or some, not at all. We easily connect with him and his struggles with watching and experiencing how people suffer and how some who are initially unaffected can fall due to fear. But he keeps going so that some of humanity can be saved and judged fairly instead of being condemned to hell.

To say this book left me wanting more is an understatement. I want to know more about him, his life, his family, friends, interactions. I want to know how more people are affected and how they are handling it. I have no idea where the next books will go but yearn to find out.

But the biggest thing this book did is something that I think every artist…writer, singer, photographer, painter, etc. wants their art to do. It left a mark on me. It made me question myself, my actions, my life. It made me think about my being and myself and where I would fall if the Encautum and I ever crossed paths. It made me ask if I’m proud of myself, if I live authentically and question what in my life would I change if I could in order to achieve the most good. I think the fact that it makes a reader pause is it’s greatest strength.

I think this is a fantastic first book and I’m thrilled that Aaron decided to write a series so that we can hunger for more. Well done!


Aaron Crocco and As Darkness Ends


Fan Page

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