Bang Bang Shoot Em’ Up…

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

….the party never ends. (and now I have Skid Row in my head)

Well, it does when the credits roll. This weekend was quite long after 2 days of grueling GRE prep courses so as soon as I was sprung from today’s class I high tailed it to Target, made a return and noticed that I could make a movie! It was 5:05. The next one started at 5:10 and I could make it. It wasn’t my usual comedy or drama. None of those love story (“horror flicks”) for me, or real horror ones either for that matter. The movie du jour…. The Expendables. I didn’t know anything about it. I barely skimmed the description in my Movies app for Android on the phone (handy app by Flixter…I use it a lot to see movies, theaters, times)

I pretty much checked that it wasn’t horror or sappy and the time.  Heck I didn’t even watch the trailer.

In all reality, I probably would even have gone for the girly sappy one if it had been the one at the right time.  But as luck would have it, the Expendables were the one up at the right time.  I was a hair late but still made it in time for 2 previews that I completely missed while I checked in on foursquare.  And then, the tell tale gears  came up on the big screen signaling movie time!

I don’t think I really knew what I was in for.  I should have seeing as Sylvester Stallone starred in it, directed it, was one of the screenplay writers.  I really shouldn’t have been surprised.  And I can’t say that I was when the opening sequence involved a rescue of some guys from pirates.  I did find that I questioned the use of opening credits on the screen when they were actually showing the movie and not some scenery or something with music.  Do they really think I’m going to not watch what is going on in the movie just to read some names?  I’m sure those people being displayed are quite proud of their work, but I couldn’t tell you who any of them were because I was kindof actually watching the movie.  It just seems silly to waste screen space on names, but since I made it a point to watch the movie I guess it doesn’t matter.

There was a lot of guns, a lot of killing.  The banter on the screen between the characters kept it fairly entertaining enough.  There was a girl, of course, and she ended up being the reason for the crew to again head right into extreme danger and save the day.  It did not fall short of your typical good-bad-but-good guys who do bad things for the right reasons and have good hearts guiding them to do the right thing, especially when a girl is involved all the while killing many and fighting while clearly out-manned and out-weaponed.  And of course the machine guns that so easily miss them despite being fired directly at them.

So ya, a great entertaining movie.  Not what I’d call the best movie ever but definitely worth a watch if you need to clear your mind after 2 long days of solid GRE prep combined with being the day before going back to work for another week.  Always good to check out of reality for 1 hr. 43 min. and start my mind over for the week, or at least until I head to the next movie.  Open invitation, who wants to go to the next one 🙂


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